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'Save Me’ recap Ep 10 to 12: Hoseok turns attention to Seokjin

By Yim Hyun-su

  • Published : Mar 28, 2019 - 16:55
  • Updated : Mar 28, 2019 - 16:55

(Naver, Big Hit Entertainment)
The “Save Me” recap is a series of articles about BTS’ webtoon series, giving you the gist of the story, plus an analysis and fans’ comments. It might contain spoilers.

A lot has happened over the last three weeks. More than anything, Hoseok is starting to wonder what Seokjin is up to. During episode 10, he saw sticky notes in Seokjin’s car, each of which had a name and a place. These are the notes that Seokjin took while devising a rescue plan to save all the boys.

Hoseok later confronts Seokjin, after following him everywhere, but Seokjin doesn’t tell him what the memos were for. The following scene after the conversation in the 11th episode is similar to the ending scene from the ninth episode, but instead Hoseok meets Jimin, and the two end up having an important talk.

Things picked up pace in this week’s episode, which started with a bang, so to speak. Hoseok tells others that Seokjin is acting strangely. Hoseok’s instincts have moved the story forward, as the six other guys would have been largely kept in the dark about

Seokjin’s role in protecting them from accidents and suicides.

Memorable moments

When Seokjin confronts the other boys trying to sneak Jimin out of a hospital and asks Jimin to make up his own mind, what looks like dirt starts to appear around Jimin’s feet, which ends up dragging him deep into the water. It’s one of those dramatic scenes that have portrayed the characters’ state of mind in previous episodes.

This time it was used to show how Jimin is mentally chained to the hospital, before he finally musters up the courage and says that he wants to get out.

Fan reactions

After reading this week’s emotional episode, one fan on Line Webtoon shared tips for the writers.
“Take away Yoongi’s lighter, keep Jimin company, keep Jungkook on the ground, keep Hoseok away from stairs and make him a pillow suit for when he falls, give Namjoon a different job, make Taehyung move in with Namjoon, and give Seokjin a break.”

Another fan had strong words for the guys’ family members. “Alright, so we fighting Hoseok’s mom AND Jimin’s mom,” the fan wrote.

What to expect next week

The plot is expected to revolve around Jimin for now, as we have heard from Jimin what he really wants and the impact that his mother has on him.

As Hoseok learns more about what Seokjin is doing, we might finally see Seokjin take a break for a change, like some fans wish he would.

By Yim Hyun-su (hyunsu@heraldcorp.com)