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Mamamoo unveils new Latin-inspired EP ‘Gogobebe’

  • Published : Mar 14, 2019 - 17:07
  • Updated : Mar 14, 2019 - 17:07


Mamamoo has returned with new EP “White Wind,” wrapping up its “Four Season Four Color” project that kicked off in March last year.

The color-themed album with lead track “Gogobebe” follows the act’s previous “Yellow Flower,” “Red Moon” and “Blue;S” albums that all referenced color in their titles.

“We have mixed feelings for our new album as we’ve had some tough promotions for our yearlong project. But now we kind of feel wistful that it has come to an end. Just like seasons that keep coming and going, ‘White Wind’ won’t be (just) an end of our project, but the start of something new,” said Moonbyul during a media showcase for the group’s new record in Seoul on Thursday.

Lead track “Gogobebe,” produced by the head of Mamamoo’s agency RBW Entertainment, is a reggae-inspired number overflowing with rhythmic Latin-inspired strings. Its melody and lyrics, partially penned by Solar and Moonbyul, were inspired by legendary soloist Kim Gun-mo’s “Zzanga,” which also features ample use of bouncy rhythms.


After showcasing the lead track, Hwasa explained, “Recently, we’ve been showing our moody and mature sides, but for our new single, we returned to our original concept with a thought, ‘let’s just be
us and enjoy ourselves.’”

Moonbyul said, “’Gogobebe’ means ‘let’s just have fun.’ I hope the song could give people some strength in their hectic daily lives. We’d be pleased if the song does its role.”

Solar also chimed in and said, “At some point in our lives, we all have sad and happy moments, and I hope this song could lift your mood up at those times.”

Since its debut in 2014, the powerhouse vocal group has propelled to prominence in the K-pop scene due to its wide musical range and vocal prowess. Known for its bright and funky sonic style,
Mamamoo is also set to hold its solo concert sometime in April.

“The past one year has been a new challenge to us. There have been tough times, but I think we grew up a lot musically. It will always remain as meaningful time,” Wheein said.

The seven-track album also includes “Where R U,” “Waggy,” “25,” “Bad Bye,” “My Star” and “4season.”

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)