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Monsta X wants to be a ‘super star’ while on ‘Show! Audio Jockey’

  • Published : Mar 13, 2019 - 16:33
  • Updated : Mar 13, 2019 - 16:33

Monsta X
Boy band Monsta X who will appear on the upcoming variety show “Show! Audio Jockey” says they want to use the TV gig as an opportunity to become a “super star,” though fans might say they already are.

“We think we might lack appeal to the general public so we want to use this opportunity to become more well-known and appeal to fans and be a super star,” a determined Minhyuk said during the showcase for the show in Seoul on Wednesday.

The septet recently released its second studio album “ake.2 We Are Here” and the lead single “Alligator” went on to dominate the charts. But the four members Wonho, Kihyun, Minhyuk and Jooheon are entering new territory as viewers will see the singers become radio presenters alongside other celebrities Park Myeong-su and singer Sung Si-kyung.

The show will be filmed across the country as the cast will be broadcasting in different regions in a booth with a glass wall for onlookers to see. While the show will be televised to give a glimpse of the making of a radio show including behind-the-scene moments, listeners can get the full radio experience by tuning into the audio stream on YouTube.

Monsta X
“Fans often tell us that it’s hectic when we live stream on V Live and we thought that’s not a bad concept. We can create energy together as four of us, which one person can’t imitate,” Kihyun said.

When asked about whether the rest of the group is interested in the new show, he said they haven’t really shown much interest, drawing laughter in the venue.

Amid the laughter, Jooheon chimed in and said, “I wouldn’t say they have no interest, I think they are just busy spending time on their own since we’ve had a busy schedule including a recent comeback.”

Despite being on a busy schedule including a world tour, Wonho put to rest health concerns by sharing the group’s health tips which include a long list of foods.

“The band mates exercise hard and eat red ginseng, black garlic, cabbage juice, kale juice and onion juice.”

The show first airs on tvN at 6:10 p.m. on Mar. 17 and you can listen to the radio shows on YouTube and Podbbang.

By Yim Hyun-su (hyunsu@heraldcorp.com)