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‘Save Me,’ Episode 6, recap: Jin’s perfect escape plan

By Yim Hyun-su

  • Published : Feb 14, 2019 - 17:13
  • Updated : Feb 14, 2019 - 17:13

The “Save Me” recap is a weekly piece about BTS’ webtoon series which is published every Thursday, giving you the gist of the story plus analysis from fans which might contain spoiler

This week, we saw Jin continue his efforts to save the rest of the group, in keeping with his role as its oldest and most responsible member. But his plan fell apart in a dramatic turn of events that has left readers on the edges of their seats.

Though there were hints in multiple scenes that Jin is somehow able either to forecast the future or travel back in time, the gravity of Jin’s task became clear only in the fifth episode. That’s when we learned that any change he makes when traveling back to the past can dramatically alter the present-day reality.

(Naver, Big Hit Entertainment)
Spoiler alert: Jin takes the wheel with Namjoon in the front passenger seat and Jungkook and Taehyung in the back seat before the car crashes head on into a truck. That’s when he realizes that the boys’ fate has changed because of his intervention.

Back in the bright white room again, Jin is seen visualizing how he tried to save the boys. He comes to the conclusion that he needs to come up with a rescue plan to save them all -- but especially Yoongi, who has proved the most difficult to track down.

Memorable moments

After the deadly car accident, Jin blames himself and says, “I jumped in and changed their fate.” Soon after, readers see Jin alone in his room, drawing maps almost like a detective in a frantic attempt to devise a plan to save the boys.

Fan reaction

Fans are clinging to the fact that Taehyung saw things in his dream, which could be interpreted to mean that he also has a similar ability. One user on Line Webtoon commented, “He can remember parallel universes as well.”

Another user felt for Jin, who has to go through the traumatic experience of seeing his friends die many times. “Jin going through all that trauma, seeing them die over and over ... even if he saves them in the end, he’ll be so scarred.” The user ended the comment by saying, “My heart hurts for Yoongi.”

What to expect next week

Last week’s prediction was hit and miss, and it seems like we’ll have to wait another week to see whether Jin’s rescue plans for Yoongi come to fruition.

We know for certain, though, that Jin is inching closer to Yoongi as we saw him drinking soju alone at a Korean barbecue restaurant before he headed home and burned a music sheet in a similar fashion to the ending scene of episode 4.

By Yim Hyun-su (hyunsu@heraldcorp.com)