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Seventeen releases ‘Home’

  • Published : Jan 22, 2019 - 09:56
  • Updated : Jan 22, 2019 - 09:56

(Pledis Entertainment)

K-pop act Seventeen has released its sixth EP, “You Made My Dawn,” about six months after the summer EP “You Made My Day.”

Marking the act’s first release of this year, the six-track album is fronted by lead track “Home,” an urban future R&B track that features ample use of synth sounds and a multitude of vocal colors. Veering away from the sound of the band’s earlier explosive tracks like “Very Nice,” the single is rather a throwback to its older sonic style, recalling tracks like “Thanks” and “Don’t Wanna Cry.”

“‘Home’ reflects our hope to make people around us feel comfortable. It will be a warm song, so please look forward to it,” said Woozi, who took part in crafting the song, during Seventeen’s media showcase for the new album in Seoul on Monday.

(Pledis Entertainment)

As if to keep fans warm during the winter months, “Home” features hopeful lyrics and a powerful build-up to a chorus where the vocalists belt out “’Cause I’m your home.”

Woozi went on to explain the song’s significance.

“We (bandmates) always pitch our ideas on which topic we should tackle for our next album, and this time, we decided to make a song that could comfort people in this winter season. The keyword for ‘Home’ is a home where we can rest comfortably, and we hope people will take the song with sincerity, not just as a song from a mere idol group,” he said.

Mingyu chimed in and said, “We often say, ‘I want to go home’ whenever we get tired. We hope those exhausted with life can say, ‘I want to see Seventeen, be with them,’ instead of wanting to go home.”

(Pledis Entertainment)

Having debuted in 2015 with its first EP, “17 Carat,” Seventeen became one of the most prominent boy bands in K-pop, with hits like “Very Nice,” “A-Teen” and “Pretty U.”

In July last year, the 13-piece act dropped its fifth EP, “You Make My Day,” fronted by lead single “Oh My!” and released the single “Getting Closer” in December the same year. The song premiered at the Mnet Asia Music Awards in Hong Kong on Dec. 14.

“When we first debuted, we lacked know-how for making albums, and there were lots of struggles, such as being burdened with the idea of meeting the public’s expectations. But now, we boast perfect teamwork, and I feel so proud for being able to work for the Carats (Seventeen’s fan group), who always stand strong by our side,” he added.

“You Made My Dawn” also features the songs “Good to Me,” “Hug,” “Chili,” “Shhh” and “Getting Closer.”

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)