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I wouldn’t have become a singer if it were not for Eunkwang: Changsub of BTOB

  • Published : Dec 11, 2018 - 10:56
  • Updated : Dec 11, 2018 - 10:56


Remember the witty yet heartfelt moment when Changsub scribbled down Eunkwang’s name on his face and gave a shout-out to the BTOB leader at the 2018 Melon Music Awards?

Still pining for the missing member, who’s been serving in the Army since August, Changsub shared some heart-warming recollections of Eunkwang, whom he called one of his biggest “inspirations.”


“I’ve been staying with him for a long time, and one certain thing is that he’s the kind of person whom I can’t catch up with. Every moment has been a positive stimulus to me,” Changsub said of Eunkwang during a recent interview with The Korea Herald in Seoul.

Eunkwang’s absence must have meant something to Changsub, as the two inseparable pals have been friends since high school. Changsub reportedly joined the group to keep the promise that he will always be with Eunkwang. Changsub had even shed tears during the group’s concert held in August, which was Eunkwang’s last performance before joining the Army.


“I wanted to be like Eunkwang, somebody who sings unwaveringly. He is funny, jocular and considerate, but also very solid, undisturbed. Somebody whom all six of us could turn to. Maybe I’ve always wanted to sing like him with the solidity of a pillar,” he continued.

Also set to begin his mandatory military service in January shortly after releasing his first solo album titled “Mark,” slated for release later in the day, Changsub seemed quite prepared and placid for his impending hiatus. And he shared that Eunkwang’s enlistment actually gave him a sense of comfort and confidence, making him think like, “Maybe I can do it too.”

Asked about his three biggest inspirations in life, Changsub named his mother, teachers and lastly, Eunkwang.

“I wouldn’t have become a singer if it had not been for him. Maybe I would have become a troublemaker. He’d always straightened me out whenever I tried to derail. Speaking of which, I miss him so much,” he added.


Having debuted as a member of BTOB in 2012, Changsub carved out his niche in the scene as one of the most prominent vocalists, expanding his career into musicals as well.

His first ever solo album is led by the track “Gone” and features songs including “Way,” “Shelter” and “Ever.”

Ahead of his enlistment on Jan. 14, the singer will hold his solo concert at the Yes 24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul on Jan. 5-6.