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SHINee’s Key busts SNSD’s Taeyeon for being slow texter

By Kim Arin

  • Published : Nov 23, 2018 - 15:55
  • Updated : Nov 23, 2018 - 15:55

From left, Taeyeon of Girls' Generation and Key of SHINee (S.M. Entertainment)
SHINee’s Key busted Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon on her cellphone use.

In Wednesday’s episode of “Weekly Idol,” a K-pop star-only talk show on MBC’s entertainment channel, the SHINee star discussed the mobile responsiveness of one of his close friends -- Taeyeon.

Key said he would likely get a text reply from the Girls’ Generation leader in about 20 minutes.

His guess turned out to be wildly optimistic, as it took Taeyeon over three hours to reply.

The show’s host comedian Kim Shin-young, who is also a friend of Taeyeon’s, also testified that it usually takes “at least five hours to get a reply (from Taeyeon).”

Key chimed in that Taeyeon is a very slow texter. “Her cellphone subscription is practically a waste,” he said.

He did thank her via a video message, however, in a rather comic reproach: “Taeyeon, thanks for texting me back. But couldn’t you have made that, like, just two hours faster?”

By Kim Arin (arin@heraldcorp.com)

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