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Who's next?: IU features top-notch lineup of concert guests

  • Published : Oct 26, 2018 - 10:44
  • Updated : Oct 26, 2018 - 10:57


One reason that IU’s concerts receive accolades from so many concertgoers is that they boast a stellar lineup of guests.

Though the singer is at the centerpiece of K-pop and is frequently showered with calls for collaboration from fellow artists, IU also invites her colleagues to take part in her concerts as a sign of friendship. And her special guests, usually big name K-pop stars, have often made headlines, even becoming the highlight of her shows.

In celebration of her upcoming 10th-anniversary concert series, here are a few K-pop stars who have displayed perfect chemistry with the “Bbi Bbi” singer onstage.

1. G-Dragon


The two seemingly disparate stars started bonding when G-Dragon featured on IU’s coming-of-age single “Palette” in May last year.

After offering inspiration and words of wisdom to the 20-something singer and even intimately addressing IU by her given name -- Jieun -- in the song, G-Dragon took their partnership to a new level at his solo concert in June, where they sang “Palette” together. He also promised her that he would appear at her concert.

Keeping his word, the Big Bang leader made a special appearance at IU’s concert in December last year, making fans swoon over their beautiful friendship.

They’ve also exchanged gifts, with IU presenting G-Dragon with a refrigerator filled with soju and the “One of a Kind” singer reciprocating with a customized cover of IU’s “Palette” album.

2. Psy


When Psy performs a duet with IU, the “Gangnam Style” singer transforms into a kind gentleman.

The legendary K-pop star crooned his hit ballad “What Would Have Been” at IU’s Seoul concert in December last year, with IU taking over Lena Park’s part.

Psy joked that he was surprised the crowds stared only at IU during the concert, not at him.

The two also boast a great working relationship, with IU having joined Psy at his water shows in Seoul last year.

3. Epik High


Epik High was part of the all-star lineup at IU’s most recent concert, and the two go way back -- to 2015, when the hip-hop trio guested on IU’s nationwide tour. While they’ve rarely appeared together on TV, the two acts share a solid friendship.

In October last year, Epik High teamed up with IU for its single “Love Story,” a track from its “We’ve Done Something Wonderful” album, and even lent its voices to a soundtrack for the drama series

“Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” in which IU played a major role.

Titled “dlwlrma,” IU’s concert series kicks off Sunday in Busan. She will visit Gwangju and Seoul in November before expanding her tour to other Asian cities including Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Taipei.