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5 major boy bands spreading K-beauty overseas

  • Published : Oct 24, 2018 - 11:05
  • Updated : Oct 24, 2018 - 11:05


The cosmetics industry in South Korea has long been dominated by women, with many beauty brands showing a preference for female models.

But considering the resounding success of K-pop and evolving norms of masculinity, local beauty brands are now featuring male K-pop idols on their signboards.

Here are some male K-pop acts that not only make the world swoon with their music, but are also at the forefront of promoting K-beauty with their global presence.

1. BTS


When the seven BTS members first teamed up with one of Korea’s most loved beauty brands, VT Cosmetics, last year, consumers from all around the world scrambled to get their hands on the brand’s new products.

The company’s first collaboration with BTS was the Collagen Pact line, launched in October last year. It has two color-correcting cushion compacts.

VT Cosmetics recently rolled out another BTS collection, which includes a variety of priming and base products, blushes and contour sticks.

As huge fans of K-beauty products, the BTS bandmates have also collaborated with Mediheal, a famous skin care brand.

2. GOT7


As one of the most famous global K-pop acts, GOT7 has been promoting The Face Shop since April.

According to The Face Shop, GOT7 was chosen as its brand ambassador for its young, energetic image. The group’s fresh image is also embodied in various The Face Shop advertisements, which feature its members smiling brightly while clad in sleek pastel-tinged outfits. Considering their enviable skin, it’s a wonder they didn’t get into modeling sooner.

3. Seventeen



Overflowing with youthful vibe, Seventeen’s members became models for cosmetics brand The Saem in December last year.

The company said the 13-piece act’s freshness fit in well with the brand’s eco-friendly image.

All 13 members of the group recently attended an event hosted by The Saem in Manila, reaffirming their strong partnership with the brand.

4. Wanna One


The members of Wanna One have served as spokesmen for cosmetic giant Innisfree since they signed a one-year contract in August last year.

The project boy group also starred in the brand-sponsored reality show “Wanna One Go in Jeju,” which showed its members planning and producing Innisfree advertisements by themselves.

5. EXO


EXO’s members have been the spokesmodels for Nature Republic since 2013.

Having entered Thailand in 2015, Nature Republic held a fan event with EXO in Bangkok in August to promote its products. Needless to say, thousands of fans flocked to get a glimpse of the K-pop superstars.

The boys have also lent their faces to the brand’s lip balms, sheet masks and hair products.


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