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Get well soon Jimin: Fans worry about BTS member’s heath after he suffers muscle pain

  • Published : Oct 12, 2018 - 14:56
  • Updated : Oct 12, 2018 - 14:56


Following news about Jimin’s health problem, there has been an outpouring of tweets expressing concern about the BTS member’s condition, with #getwellsoonJimin going viral on Twitter.

Representing BTS, Big Hit Entertainment said early on Friday that Jimin was unable to participate in recording the group’s scheduled appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” due to severe muscle pain in his back and neck. Expressing regret and apologizing to fans, the agency added that the singer had received immediate medical treatment.

The announcement came just two days after bandmate Jungkook was forced to remain seated during BTS’ concert at the O2 Arena in London on Oct. 9 due to a heel injury.

Fans quickly flocked to Twitter to assure Jimin that they were perfectly fine with him not appearing on the show, emphasizing that his health comes before anything else.

Jimin had experienced similar pain in the past. In November last year, he had not been able to participate in some performances during the group’s Macau concert due to cramps in his neck and shoulder.



Some tweets read, “Jimin please rest well and don’t strain yourself. I hope you recover fast so you can happily enjoy your birthday,” “I hope you’d rest well and come back better. I love you so much! Don’t overwork yourself please u deserve rest and happiness always” and “It seems that Jimin isn’t in a good condition after their flight to Macau. So BigHit give us some updates ’bout Jiminie.”

#GetWellSoonJimin was trending worldwide on Twitter.

In celebration of Jimin’s birthday, which falls on Saturday, fans around the world have put up advertisements on subways and even on a video billboard at Times Square in New York.

BTS recently wrapped up two nights of concerts at London’s O2 Arena.