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[V Report Plus] Where BTS members spend all their money at

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Updated : September 12 2018

(Big Hit Entertainment)
Jin of BTS is a known gamer.

In a recent V Live broadcast held jointly by Jin and Jimin, Jin got blasted for spending too much money on games.

“It’s not just me, you know,” Jin said.

“Do you guys know that RM plays games a lot too? He may not look like it,” the eldest of BTS said. “He played for over 10 hours a couple of days ago.”

“What do you mean 10 hours? That’s impossible,” Jimin said, bewildered.

Jin insisted that there’s no harm in spending lots of money on games, saying, “Is it bad that I want my avatars to have nice items?”

“So that’s where all your money goes,” Jimin replied, laughing.

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