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[V Report Plus] SNSD’s Hyoyeon challenged to dance-off by Apink’s Ha-young

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Updated : August 10 2018

(Naver's V Live)
Everybody knows Apink’s Ha-young is a longtime Girls’ Generation fan.

The youngest of Apink was spotted jamming out to Hyoyeon’s solo single “Wanna Be” in the previous episode of JTBC TV’s reality show “Secret Unnie.”

The Apink star boldly challenged Hyoyeon, who has built a name for herself as Girls’ Generation’s best dancer, to a dance-off on air.

Hayoung and Hyoyeon played the game of “Copy Dance” where players copy the choreography shown on screen. The game quickly took a comical turn as it required the duo to recreate some funny dance moves.

Who would have thought the dance battle between these two would turn into a laugh fest?

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