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Young idols mature beyond their years

  • Published : Aug 8, 2018 - 15:28
  • Updated : Aug 8, 2018 - 15:28

In the entertainment industry, trainees have begun to debut at younger and younger ages these days. But appearance wise, even the youngest starlets eventually develop a more mature image, blending in with the older members of their groups.

Personality, wardrobe, height, or expression -- there are diverse reasons one looks more mature than one’s age suggests, as seen in the stars who follow.

1. Hwasa


Mamamoo’s Hwasa debuted in 2014 and was quickly recognized for her deep rhythm and blues voice, at a ripe age of 19.

Although still in her early 20s, the confidence she has developed over the years makes her seem all the more mature. Her bold style and signature strong voice elevate the sophisticated persona as well.

Her most recent project is Mamamoo’s newest summer efforts, which features the “Red Moon” album released in July.

2. Ju-ne


Having made his very first TV appearance in 2011 as an early teen, iKon’s Ju-ne has come a long way since becoming a part of the boy band in 2015.

While he only turned 22 this year, fans took note of his mature appearance at this year’s KSTAR Korea Music Festival. It may have been the group’s white and black stage outfits, his skinny tie, or the weight he lost for his upcoming return, but people were convinced that Ju-ne looked older than usual while performing.

The concert was held in advance of iKon’s Aug. 2 summer splash with the “New Kids: Continue” EP.

3. Bam Bam


This GOT7 bandmate’s name was inspired by the character from “The Flintstones,” but he has a serious side that emphasizes his maturity.

At 21, Bam Bam has already had success as a rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer and producer -- in just four years of activities. Fans have noted that he has shed his cute appearance from his trainee days and developed a much more mature image within these few years.

GOT7 embarked on a worldwide tour this year, and having wrapped up their North and South American legs of the tour already, the band has a few more concerts left in Asia

4. Doyeon


Thanks to her height, the former I.O.I bandmate and current singer for Weki Meki, Doyeon could be mistake for older than her 18-year-old self.

Considering that she was launched to stardom with only a year and a half of training under her belt, it’s impressive that she already seems like a mature veteran of the music industry. Her classy style is also a factor, as she was named one of the “8 Teen Style Stars Set to Rule 2017” by the American edition of Vogue magazine.

She is also active in new subunit group WJNK, which debuted in June.

5. Xiyeon


Currently of Pristin, Xiyeon is only 17 years old, but was a trainee for a good nine years -- more than half her life -- before debuting in 2017.

Maybe it is because of her extensive experience in the industry or early exposure to cameras, but Xiyeon is always well composed and looks like a seasoned entertainer during promotional activities. The former contestant on the first season of “Produce 101” projects such a mature persona that she has even been chosen to host music programs at such a young age.

While she has focused on hosting, her group created the subunit Pristin-V, which debuted in May with five members.

By Serena Soh, Intern reporter (sjsoh@heraldcorp.com)