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DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon talks about difficulties of starring in ‘To Jenny’

  • Published : Jul 10, 2018 - 16:23
  • Updated : Jul 10, 2018 - 16:23


Jung Chae-yeon of DIA talked about why her role in the new KBS music drama “To Jenny” was tough at first.

Jung plays Kwon Na-ra, a member of an ailing girl group that is on the brink of fading into obscurity. While struggling to revamp her career, she meets Park Jung-min, played by rookie actor Kim Sung-cheol, an aspiring singer-songwriter who knows nothing about love. Park falls in love with Kwon, using music as the means to win her heart.

“In the drama, Na-ra is a girl who keeps failing in achieving her dream, and I couldn’t understand her at first,” said Jung at a press conference for the drama in Seoul on Tuesday. It marks the first time for Jung to take a lead role in a drama.

“As I’m still a 20-something running toward my dream, I couldn’t fully emphasize with Nara, so I tried to think about other fellow idol friends who spent longer trainee years than I did.”


Director Park Jin-woo, who also attended the event, explained that he picked Jung for the role because of her musical and acting abilities.

The drama’s strengths will lie in its lightness and cast members’ natural acting, he added.

“Not many music dramas have been successful in Korea as people do not prefer the awkwardness of combining music and drama. But I can confidently say that ‘To Jenny’ will be comfortable to watch.
Actors also sing and play instruments in the drama by themselves, making the acting more natural,” he said.
“To Jenny” will start airing Tuesday at 11 p.m.