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How successful is Seungri’s ramen business?

  • Published : Jul 3, 2018 - 17:02
  • Updated : Jul 3, 2018 - 17:02


Although Big Bang is temporarily on a halt, Seungri has never been more active with his new career as an entrepreneur.

The CEO of a Japanese ramen restaurant franchise called Aori Ramen, Seungri opened up about how successful his business is, quoting the exact sales per month, in a recent episode of SBS’ variety show “My Little Old Boy.”

In the program, comedian and entrepreneur Lee Sang-min poked the Big Bang member on how much he earns from the business. “If you earn 50 million won per month from each store, does sales at least reach two billion won?” he asked.

Seungri answered, “We have 45 stores in Korea. Each store earns 200 million won.”

Lee reacted with surprise, saying, “Wow, you really succeeded, didn’t you? So that means you have billions of annual sales!”

The versatile 27-year-old has already established various streams of income, as he owns a chain of lounge bars called Monkey Museum both in Seoul and China, the global DJ label Natural High Records as well as the medical company CubeBIO.

The singer is also set to release his first solo album “The Great Seungri” on July 20.