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[Album review] There’s nothing amiss on BTOB’s new album

  • Published : Jun 20, 2018 - 15:45
  • Updated : Jun 20, 2018 - 15:45



“This Is Us”

(Loen Entertainment)

While it’s a widely known fact that BTOB rarely disappoints fans with its ballads, the group proved that it does indeed have a range in its new album “This Is Us.” With the members’ fingerprints all over it, the seven-track collection features an array of light and vocally-driven tracks that are perfectly baked with all kinds of ingredients that even non-K-pop listeners can relish.

Opener “Call Me,” in which Ilhoon lent his hand in writing lyrics and composing, is an ambient and breezy pop-ballad track paired with mellow soft rock vibes. Its summery and tropical tune does sound familiar to the ears given that the K-pop scene has been quickly evolving with the tropical house genre. However, the song doesn’t get mundane thanks to Ilhoon, Peniel and Minhyuk’s rapping.

Similarly, lead track “Only One for Me” offers the appropriate mix of melodic vocals and rapping, the sonic style that has turned BTOB from an underrated dance-pop act into one of Korea’s most prominent vocal groups.

If the two aforementioned songs were like a clean slate, the rest of the tracks are like colorful paintings that are splashed with BTOB’s colors. The members’ romantic mode is on in “Yeah,” a bubbly pop ballad love song that draws on cute rhythmic synths, while “Blue Moon,” created by Minhyuk, is a real standout. Seasoned with jazzy and bluesy elements, the song that sounds like a well-made soundtrack from a historic musical piece adds a whole new dimension to BTOB’s range.

Fans may feel proud of BTOB, as it has finally evolved into an all-mighty talent that is capable of even jazz. “Ice Breaker” is a neat collaboration between the three rappers, and “1,2,3” is a sultry break-up song that highlights the poignant vocals, but not so typical in that it uses a quirky synth sound that is unfamiliar to K-pop songs.

Rounding out the album, “The Feeling” is an epitome of a “feel good” song. The atmospheric song builds up with harmonious vocals until it explodes in the highlight where all members join their voices like a choir.

BTOB nailed it in its new album. And while the songs may not be as impactful as “Missing You,” every single one of them shines like a gem.