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[V Report] Cast of ‘The Accidental Detective 2’ talks with fans

  • Published : May 25, 2018 - 21:06
  • Updated : May 25, 2018 - 21:06

Broadcast date: May 24
Starring: Cast of ‘The Accidental Detective 2,’ Jun Hyun-moo, Lee Jang-won, NU’EST W

Cast of ‘The Accidental Detective 2’

(Naver V app)
Kwon Sang-woo, Sung Dong-il and Lee Kwang-soo, the main cast of the upcoming comedy film “The Accidental Detective 2: In Action,” communicated with fans in a live interview held via Naver’s V app Thursday.

During the broadcast, Kwon and Sung expressed their thoughts on working with Lee who joined the series in the second film.

“The third film will feature a different expert. (Lee) won’t be on it,” Sung joked. In the new film, Lee plays a former cyber police who is a member of Mensa.

Comedian Park Kyung-lim, who hosted the interview, acknowledged Lee’s popularity, calling the actor “Asia’s Prince.”
Sung agreed, saying, “I went to Thailand with Kwang-soo a while ago and I could feel Kwang-soo’s popularity there.”

“They slipped snacks to him while shouting out ‘Kwang-soo oppa!’” he said.

Kwon said Lee mingled well without much awkwardness as a newcomer.

“He melted into us very naturally. It is amazing,” he said. “I met him for the first time through ‘The Accidental Detective’ but I knew that he was good (at acting) since I’ve seen him acting on TV.”

A sequel to director Kim Jung-hoon’s 2015 film, “The Accidental Detective 2” was helmed by director Lee Eon-hee.

It tells the story of Kang Dae-man, played by Kwon, who sells his comic book store and opens a private investigator agency. Contrary to his expectations, business is slow at the agency. The movie is set to hit cinemas here on June 13.

Jun Hyun-moo, Lee Jang-won
(Naver V app)
TV personality Jun Hyun-moo and musician Lee Jang-won, hosts of the tvN quiz show “Problematic Man,” held a live broadcast via Naver’s V app Thursday.

During the broadcast, a fan asked the two which host had changed the most during the two months when the show was halted.

“I think it’s Park Kyung (of boy band Block B). It seems like he cut his hair a lot,” Lee said.

“I thought he was going to join the Army. His hair was so short,” Jun said.

However, Jun suggested a different person. “I think I am the one who changed the most -- because I started dating,” he said. “And these guys are feeling very lonely.”

It was reported in February that Jun is dating his “I Live Alone” co-star fashion model Han Hye-jin. Jun’s agency confirmed the report.

Jun, 41, and Han, 35, gained popularity by showing off good chemistry on the MBC reality TV show “I Live Alone.” They also co-hosted the pilot episode of the SBS show “Romance Package.”

The tvN quiz show “Problematic Man” will resume airing Tuesday at 11 p.m.

Boy band NU’EST W shared behind-the-scenes footage of the group’s concert “Double You” held in Bangkok on April 28, via Naver’s V app Thursday.

In the video, the four NU’EST W bandmates struggled to write “Thank you” in Thai.

“We will soon perform in Bangkok, Thailand, and to express our gratefulness to L.O.Λ.Es (NU’EST’s fan club name) in Thailand, I’m trying to write Thai in my handwriting,” JR said.

“This is read as ‘kop kun ka,’” Aron said. “It means ‘Thank you’ in Thai,” Ren said.

After they finished writing the Thai letters, the four proudly showed their work to the camera saying “Don’t you think this is actually well-written?”

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