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[V Report] Jasper Liu revealed to be fan of Hallyu superstar

  • Published : May 24, 2018 - 13:22
  • Updated : May 24, 2018 - 13:22

Broadcast date: May 23
Starring: Jasper Liu, Moon Byul, Cast of ‘Romance Package’

Jasper Liu

(Naver V app)
Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu communicated with South Korean fans in a live interview held via Naver’s V app Wednesday.

In the interview, Liu talked about his recent film “Take Me to the Moon” which was recently released here on May 16.

When asked about acting in the scene where he played guitar, he said, “I actually play guitar in a band in real life so I enjoyed practicing in Moon Band (the name of his band in the film). I practiced with other actors and had a lot of fun.”

“I started playing guitar because my father used to play guitar,” he said. “He played guitar on the balcony whenever his friends come and it looked very romantic. I thought ‘it is very romantic when a man plays guitar’ and started playing it since I was in high school.”

“I’ve been focusing on acting recently so I could not work on music,” he said. “If I had the chance, I wish I could work in the music and acting field in Korea.”

When asked if there is any singer he would like to collaborate with, Liu said, “My fans well know that I’m a fan of Big Bang and Roy Kim. Roy Kim even sent me a video before and I’d like to thank him for it.”

“My mother is a big fan of G-Dragon,” he added.

“Take Me to the Moon” tells the story of the young man Wang, whose first love died. After being hit by a vehicle, Wang finds himself back in the past and struggles to save his lover from repeating the tragic past.

Moon Byul
(Naver V app)
Moon Byul of girl group Mamamoo introduced her first solo album “Selfish” released in Kihno smart card format in a video released via Naver’s V app Wednesday.

A Kihno album is a new form of music album which is compatible with smartphones. The “Kihno cards” enables the users not only to listen to the music but also to enjoy the photos and music videos come along with the songs.

“I’m going to meet this ‘Kihno kit’ buddy for the first time,” she said opening up the video. “All the staff have seen it already and told me ‘It was cute!’ but I haven’t seen it yet.”

In the video, the singer introduced the details of the package and shared some anecdotes from the production.

“While preparing the album Selfish I participated from the start till the end suggesting ideas,” she said.

“It (the album) was originally planned as a digital album but the photos from the music video filming came out to be pretty good so I started to want more,” she said. “When I asked the CEO, he said, ‘It’s awesome. Let’s do this!’ so I could meet you with the Khino kit consists of three songs.”

While unboxing the package, the singer repeatedly said “Oh I feel sad suddenly!”

“I feel sad because I was suddenly reminded of the time I struggled while preparing this album,” she said. “Many people worked hard on this album -- they even worked overnight. I thank them for this opportunity.”

Moon Byul’s album "Selfish" consists of three songs including the lead track “Selfish,” “In My Room” and “Love & Hate (aucoustic version).”

Cast of ‘Romance Package’
(Naver V app)
Jun Hyun-moo and the former cast of SBS reality show “Romance Package” communicated with fans in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Wednesday.

In the show, the cast develops romantic relationships with each other during a vacation that lasts four days and three nights. All the cast members stay at the same hotel and are called by their room numbers instead of their names.

In Wednesday’s broadcast, the cast of Busan episodes of the show gave advice on the cast of Jeju episodes which was set to premiere on the day.

“If you don’t express your mind actively, the ladies don’t know your mind,” Room 105 said. “If I could go back to the first day, I would not have saved my breath and tried to find the bond of sympathy through talks.”

Room 102 said about the trailer on Jeju episodes, “I could see the psychological warfare between ladies.” “I remember the line ‘She hates me,’” Room 103 said.

Jun, who hosts the show, said, “Compared to Jeju episodes, Busan episodes were educational programs. Jeju episodes are ‘The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War,’” referring to the KBS show which usually features excessive cases of married couple in crisis.

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