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[V Report Plus] Kim Jong-kook finally heads to England with ‘Big Picture’

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Updated : May 17 2018

(Naver V app)
Kim Jong-kook made his first-ever visit to Europe through his web variety show “Big Picture” showed its latest episode aired via Naver’s V app Wednesday.

“Wow we are going somewhere with ‘Big Picture,’” Kim’s manager said at the airport.

“Hey, we are going to England not just somewhere,” Kim said. “I will visit Europe for the first time which I could not visit in my 23 years of career.”

It was soon turned out to be that the singer had not visited the continent on his will.

“You said you wouldn’t go Europe and now you’re heading to it,” his manager said.

“I didn’t go to Europe. I always said that I was going to go to Europe with the girl that I love,” Kim said.

When his manager excitedly said the weather was good, he agreed reluctantly as if he was still disappointed that his first visit to Europe was with his manager not his lover.

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