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[V Report] Why the needle marks on the arms of N.Flying?

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Published : May 17, 2018 - 20:45 / Updated : May 17, 2018 - 20:45

Broadcast date: May 16
Starring: N.Flying, Jung So-min, Cast of ‘Romance Package’


(Naver V app)
The bandmates of rock rap band N.Flying shared their thoughts on releasing the group’s fourth mini album “How Are You?” during a showcase event broadcast live via Naver’s V app Wednesday.

The group’s new release comes just four months after its third EP, “The Hottest: N.Flying,” with lead track “Hot Potato.”

“We released ‘Hot Potato’ four months ago and had a break -- we didn’t actually rest but we’ve held solo concerts in Japan and in Korea and we’ve also been to Bangkok,” Lee Seung-hyub said at the event.

“We’ve been meeting many fans. I’m glad that we’ll be able to meet fans constantly, since we are releasing our next album so quickly,” he said.

The N.Flying bandmates said the quick return has been a result of sweat and tears.

“We’ve worked really hard in the past four months,” Kwon Kwang-jin said. “The company called us ‘people who keep practicing while getting IV injections,’” referring to nutritional supplement treatments delivered intravenously.

“We practiced all day long, got IV injections and also worked out,” he said, proving it by the needle mark on his arms.

“We were desperate to perfect every little thing and not to do anything absentmindedly when practicing. But we also cared a lot about our health and thus we also got the injections,” Yoo Hwe-seung said.

Jung So-min
(Naver V app)
Jung So-min communicated with fans while eating jokbal, or pigs’ trotters, in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Wednesday.

While eating makguksu, or buckwheat noodles, commonly paired with jokbal, she said, “I filmed a lot in Chuncheon (in Gangwon Province) and I had spicy stir-fried chicken and makguksu often during my time there.”

When asked whether she was good at cooking, she answered, “I don’t know yet. I believe I at least have potential.”

Jung revealed that cooking runs in the family. Her brother is studying in culinary arts while her mother is a licensed cook.

In addition to her interest in food, the actress revealed she is a big fan of Channel A’s dating reality show “Heart Signal.”

“When they cook in the show, I feel so hungry that I can’t help having late-night meals after the show ends,” she said.

Cast of ‘Romance Package’
(Naver V app)
Im Soo-hyang and the cast of SBS reality show “Romance Package” communicated with fans in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Wednesday.

In the show, the cast develops romantic relationships with each other during a vacation that lasts four days and three nights. All the cast members stay at the same hotel and are called by their room numbers instead of their names.

Im, who hosts the show, said in Wednesday’s broadcast, “Thanks to your support, we’re always on real-time searching rankings after our broadcasts.”

When asked whether they knew about the romantic relationship between TV entertainer Jun Hyun-moo and model Han Hye-jin, who previously co-hosted the show, Im said no. “There’s nothing prescripted except for the basic plan of the show. It’s really raw.”

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By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com)

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