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[V Report] EXO-CBX shares story from ‘Boys Over Flowers’-themed album

  • Published : Apr 16, 2018 - 16:43
  • Updated : Apr 16, 2018 - 16:43

Broadcast date: April 15
Starring: EXO-CBX, Lovelyz, UNB


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K-pop trio EXO-CBX wrapped up its “Blooming Days” week with a talk show where they shared anecdotes from the filming of its album cover and music video in a live broadcast via Naver’s V app Sunday.

The group said their latest EP is related a lot to flowers as the title indicates. They also explained the theme of their album cover as “Boys Over Flowers.”

When asked to share an anecdote from the filming of the music video. Chen said, “There is a scene in the music video where we were lying down next to each other and the flower falls down on us. When we were filming the scene for the first time, I thought it wouldn’t hurt as they are flowers.”

“But it felt as if a fist-sized hail falls on us. It did hurt,” he said. “The music video captured my drawn face.”

“The (flowers) were really heavy,” Xiumin agreed.

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K-pop girl group Lovelyz went on a trip on train in the latest episode of “Happiness Train” in a live broadcast via Naver’s V app Sunday.

The broadcast series, filmed in a set designed to represent the interior of a railway compartment, features the celebrities’ takes on traveling on a train “to happiness.”

In the broadcast, the Lovelyz bandmates revealed what they packed for travel.

Yein brought a Hello Kitty-shaped instant camera. “The only thing remains after travel is the photos,” she said.

Myungeun brought a book titled “Because You are So Precious” (literal translation) saying that it is a gift from her fan.

“The part where it said ‘it is okay to be hurt’ was impressive,” she said. “I want to do healing by reading while traveling.”

Lovelyz is scheduled to release its fourth mini album “Healing” on April 23. It will mark the group’s first release in five months since it dropped its third mini album “Fall in Lovelyz” in November last year.

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Feeldog and Euijin project boyband UNB communicated with their fans in a live broadcast held in the waiting room for the KBS talk show “Hello Counselor” via Naver’s V app Sunday.

As the KBS show centers on people sharing their struggles, the two talked about their recent concerns.

“You know though it’s not been so long since I debuted there still are people who recognize me. Also as I debuted again (as a member of UNB) I wonder how I should show new facets of myself,” Feeldog said.

“It’s my first time getting this much attention since my debut as a singer. So I wonder how I should keep this attention and get more love,” Euijin said.

“I think even if you get much love, we always agonize on such things,” Feeldog agreed.

UNB is a project group formed through KBS’ idol competition show “The Unit.” The show brought together the singers who have already debuted professionally but who failed to gain public recognition to compete for a spot on two project groups -- girl group UNI.T and one UNB.

The group is set to last for 13 months.

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By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com)

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