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[V Report Plus] RM, V hike Achasan at sunrise; Jin makes lunchbox

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Published : Mar 14, 2018 - 19:39 / Updated : Mar 14, 2018 - 19:39

(Naver V app)
RM and V of boy band BTS went on a hike at sunrise in the latest episode of the group’s weekly variety show “Run BTS!” aired via Naver’s V app Tuesday.

In one recent episode, it was decided that RM should hike a mountain at sunrise, as he lost at a game of Monopoly specially designed for the group.

While V did not have to take on the punishment at the time, he decided to join his bandmate to photograph the hike.

While not physically joining the two, Jin instead prepared traditional rice cake soup for the two to enjoy at the peak of Achasan in eastern Seoul.

“Eat well, watch the sunrise and make a good wish,” he said.

When the two arrived at the peak of the mountain, V said, “We came here for the punishment but it is good to see this beautiful scenery, which doesn’t seem to be a punishment.”

Watching the rising sun, RM said, “I hope for this year to become a year that we can spend while smiling more, to everyone -- staff, family and friends.”

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