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[V Report] BTS’ Suga shares ‘his’ book review

  • Published : Feb 21, 2018 - 11:44
  • Updated : Feb 21, 2018 - 11:44

Broadcast date: Feb. 20
Starring: BTS, Kim Sun-a, Ye Ji-won, Oh Ji-ho, Park Si-yeon, Kim Sung-kyu


(Naver V app)
Suga of BTS shared his book review for Japanese novel “A Bowl of Noodles” in the latest episode of the group’s weekly variety show “Run BTS!” aired via Naver’s V app Tuesday.

In one of the recent episodes of the show, he was decided to write a book review after losing on a Monopoly game specially designed for the group.

He chose to read the popular Japanese novel, the title of which is known as “A Bowl of Udon” in Korea.

“It gave me a lot to think,” he said before reading his book review in front of his bandmates.

The book tells a story of mother and two sons who were too poor even to order three bowls of noodles.

The good restaurant owner, who felt sympathy for the three, instead serves one and half bowls of noodles worrying that if they serve a complete two or three bowls, the three would feel upset. Years later, the three return to the restaurant and order three bowls of noodle.

“Surprisingly, the original (Japanese) title is not ‘A Bowl of Udon,’” Suga said. “After research, I found that the noodles Japanese people eat at the beginning of the year are toshikoshi soba.”

“(In short) I wanted to have udon while reading this book,” he said.

“Udon, udon, udon. Why is udon called udon? Whatever is fine. I just want to eat. I’m hungry. But I’m on a diet. I’ll do it tomorrow. Let’s eat today,” he wrote.

Cast of ‘Should We Kiss First’
(Naver V app)
Kim Sun-a, Ye Ji-won, Oh Ji-ho and Park Si-yeon, the lead actors in upcoming SBS drama “Should We Kiss First?” held a live broadcast via Naver’s V app Tuesday to promote the drama ahead of airing of its first episode.

“It’s less than an hour left (until the air time) and my heart is fluttering,” Kim said.

In the broadcast, Kim shared the reason why she chose to star in the drama.

“When I first got the script for ‘Should We Kiss First,? I decided to star on it in less than an hour,” she said.

“I happened to be in ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’ and I felt the same feeling for this drama. My heart fluttered when I got the script and I thought I really wanted to do this. The more I read the script, the more excited I got,” she said, referring to her megahit 2004 drama on which she co-starred with actor Hyun Bin.

“Also a few days before that, I happened to read a column on the producer of ‘Should We Kiss First.’ I felt that was rather a destiny than a coincidence,” she said.

The SBS drama airs every Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Kim Sung-kyu
(Naver V app)
Kim Sung-kyu of boy band Infinite released a teaser video for his first full-length album, “10 Stories,” via Naver’s V app at midnight Wednesday.

The video featured the singer walking up on the hill, having the sun at his back.

Debuting in 2010 as a member of Infinite, Kim has released two solo EPs, “Another Me” in 2012 and “27” in 2015.

He was recently cast as the lead actor in the play “Amadeus,” which is set to open on Feb. 27.

The new album will be released Monday at 6 p.m. and the singer will hold a showcase event on the same day. The pre-order for the album is available on local music websites.

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By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com)

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