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[V Report Plus] Be a guest on Wanna One’s eating show

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Updated : February 12 2018

(Naver V app)
Boy band Wanna One kept its promise to hold a “meokbang,” or eating show, on Naver’s V app Sunday.

During a live broadcast to celebrate the group being named among the top 5 global rookie artists on Naver’s V app Tuesday, the Wanna One bandmates received an award titled “Please hold a V live broadcast” from fans.

Fittingly, Wanna One vowed to hold more V app broadcasts this year. “I will have a meokbang around next week,” Kang Daniel said.

On Sunday’s broadcast, Park Woo-jin, Yoon Ji-sung, Lai Kuan-lin, Kang, Bae Jin-young and Kim Jae-hwan appeared to keep that promise.

Park prepared to eat crab alternatively marinated in soy sauce and a spicy sauce, Lai prepared sushi and Bae prepared to grilled beef.

After they had finished eating, Park said, “The good thing about the V app is that (stars) can communicate with fans directly, so I focused more on communicating than on eating.”

“I wish we could have more days when we can communicate. I wish to hold more broadcasts,” he added.

Wanna One recently released teasers for its upcoming new release.

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