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[V Report Plus] Korean beauty YouTubers pose for Allure’s cover

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Updated : January 25 2018

(Naver V app)
Minsco, Kwak Tori and Ches, the three finalists of OnStyle’s beauty YouTuber show “Perfect Brush,” are featured on the February issue of the Korean edition of the fashion magazine Allure, a V app video showed Wednesday.

The OnStyle show features beauty YouTubers competing for a 100 million won ($94,000) prize. As their last mission, the three had to take photos with Jisoo of Black Pink for the magazine’s cover, with three given themes -- power classic, retro glam and modern romantic.

For the power classic look, Minsco focused on flawless base makeup with emphasized red lips.

Kwak used silver stones on her eyebrows to create a glam look and blue on her eyes to create a retro look.

Ches used red blusher to create a modern romantic look.

After the photo shoot, Minsco emerged as the final winner of the show.

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