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[V Report Plus] Fans relieve Winner’s Seunghoon of boredom

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Updated : January 14 2018

(Naver V app)
Lee Seung-hoon of K-pop boy band Winner spent his Saturday afternoon with fans through Naver’s V app.

“The time is really dragging along. I took a rest at home all day,” he said opening up the broadcast.

“I don’t usually check out the music charts unless I play songs on them,” he said checking out what songs are on the music charts to listen to the songs with fans.

After realizing that the group’s song “Really Really” is still securing its spot on No. 59, he gave the thumbs up sign. “Amazing, Inner Circle. You’re the best!” he said, referring to the Winner fan club by its official name.

“It’ll be one year soon (since we released the track). We should release a new album before that,” he added.

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