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[V Report] Lee Dong-wook wraps up ‘On the Air’

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Updated : January 13 2018

Broadcast date: Jan. 12
Starring: Lee Dong-wook, Lee Seung-hoon of Winner, Lee Keon-Hee and Yeo Hwan-woong

Lee Dong-wook

(Naver V app)
Actor Lee Dong-wook wrapped up his monthly broadcast series “On the Air” in a live broadcast via Naver’s V app Friday.

To celebrate the final installment of the series, Lee held some special events, such as taking instant photos with all fans who came to the studio while he was playing music for the visual radio show.

He also interviewed fans at the studio. When a fan said she had entered her story nine times for the broadcast but was never picked, Lee was surprised, saying, “Oh no, did you send it nine times?”

“But doesn’t it mean that your writing was bad?” he joked.

During the broadcast, he looked back on previous broadcasts, introducing some of the best moments picked by fans.

One of the best scenes was when Lee was reading fans’ love stories in spring. He was wearing a pink striped cardigan to match the season.

Lee Seung-hoon of Winner

(Naver V app)
Lee Seung-hoon of boy band Winner had a coffee break with fans in a live broadcast via Naver’s V app Friday.

“I’m at a cafe near my place,” he said, opening up the broadcast.

A fan commented that some fans would be gathering in the Hongdae area in Seoul.

Saying that he does not think Hongdae is a good idea, as there are too many people, the singer suggested other meeting spots for his fans.

“In Busan, (meet at) Seomyeon Station exit 7. I guess that will be an awkward place,” he said. “Meet in front of Sambo Gameland at 5.”

“The dress code is grey, but don’t acknowledge each other -- you just smile at each other and leave thinking that ‘Oh that person is also a member of Inner Circle (Winner’s fan club name).”

He suggested a spot in front of Sungsimdang Bakery for Daejeon fans, makchang (entrails) alley for Daegu fans and MBC Dream Center for Ilsan fans.

Lee Keon-Hee and Yeo Hwan-woong

(Naver V app)
Lee Keon-Hee and Yeo Hwan-woong, singer trainees from RBW Entertainment who starred in the second season of Mnet’s audition show “Produce 101,” took to the V app Friday to communicate with fans.

In the broadcast, the two revealed their diaries, which they keep as a part of their training.

While reading Lee’s diary, Yeo said, “Keon-Hee planned to ‘lose 4 kilograms in two weeks’ when he was acting.

“I weigh 62 kilograms now but when I first entered the company, I had a big build,” Lee explained. “I weighed 70 kilograms when I entered the company. The company ordered me to lose 10 kilograms so I tried to lose weight.”

The second season of “Produce 101” brought together 101 male trainees from 54 local entertainment companies to compete for spots in a new group. The two trainees failed to secure spots in the final 11-member group but they are still enjoying high popularity thanks to the show.

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