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[V Report Plus] Dylan O’Brien falls in love with soju

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Published : Jan 12, 2018 - 18:07 / Updated : Jan 12, 2018 - 18:17

(Naver V app)
Actors Lee Ki-hong, Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Sangster, the cast of the upcoming fantasy film “Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” took to the V app Thursday to communicate with Korean fans during their visit to the country.

Unlike Lee and Sangster, who visited South Korea to promote the series’ previous film “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials,” this marked O’Brien’s first trip here.

O’Brien was asked how he felt about the nation and its people.

“They are so kind. They gave me a warm welcome. Korea is, in a word, the opposite side of the globe and I was so glad about such welcome,” he said.

Asked about the most impressive thing in Korea, the actor suggested the Korean liquor soju.

He said he drank soju a lot the night before. Asked how much he drank, he pretended to stagger as if he were drunk, almost dropping the microphone he was holding.

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is to be released here Wednesday, marking its world premiere.

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