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[V Report Plus] GFriend explains performance during Golden Disc Awards

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Updated : January 11 2018

(Naver V app)
K-pop group GFriend took to the V app Wednesday to greet fans after winning at the Golden Disc Awards.

“What day is it today?” Yuju asked, opening up the broadcast.

“The third day since we finished our concerts,” replied Umji.

Yuju soon went on to say, “Today, GFriend received an award from Golden Disc Awards!”

“Thank you for congratulating us. Did you watch our performance?” Eunha said.

“We danced together the part which I and Sowon had danced while moving down on the lift, during our concerts,” Umji explained.

“We’ve never done it together before, but we practiced!” Eunha said.

“It would have been the first time we danced together during the dance break in a broadcast,” Yuju said.
On the day, the six-member act won the best girl group award at the awards ceremony.

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