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Na Moon-hee selected as winner of ‘Women in Film Korea Awards’

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Updated : December 07 2017

South Korean actress Na Moon-hee was selected Wednesday as the winner of this year‘s “Women in Film Korea Awards” for her role in “I Can Speak.”

The nomination committee for the 18th annual awards ceremony gave its reasons for picking Na as this year’s winner due to the actress‘ heart-wrenching performance as well as her ability to “empower women.” The committee further commended Na for providing a chance to prove that women’s voices still matter a great deal in society as a whole.

In the film, Na Moon-hee took on the role of Na Ok-Boon -- a victim of sexual slavery during Japanese colonization -- in the film “I Can Speak.” Film critics rated the actress‘s portrayal of her character as being “funny, yet very touching.”

Na Moon-hee, 77, sweept multiple awards for her feature in “I Can Speak,” including best actress in film at the 1st Seoul Awards, best actress and popular star award at the 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards, best actress at the 37th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards and best actress at the 17th Director’s Cut Awards. She was also nominated for the best performance by an actress at the 11th Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

This year‘s Women in Film Korea Awards ceremony will take place at CGV MyeongDong Station Cine Library on Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m.

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