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Kim Rae-won, Shin Se-kyung’s ‘Black Knight’ kicks off to mixed reactions

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Updated : December 07 2017

The first episode of “Black Knight,” KBS’ new drama featuring Kim Rae-won and Shin Se-kyung, reached No. 2 in viewership ratings Wednesday.

According to market research firm Nielsen Korea, the series recorded 6.9 percent in nationwide viewership, which is 0.4 percent point lower than SBS’ “Judge vs. Judge.” MBC’s “I’m Not a Robot,” which kicked off on the same day, recorded 4.5 percent of viewership ratings.

Despite the keen viewership ratings, the viewers showed mixed responses to the new fantasy romance.

Some fans showed their anticipation on the drama which seems to share almost all the hit elements of recent hits such as tvN’s “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” and SBS’ “The Legend of the Blue Sea.”

“I like all the songs, backgrounds and actors. I look forward to it,” wkdsofuv*** commented, while aksjdw*** commented, “It’s interesting that the drama stimulates sensitivity.”

However, some others suggested that the new drama looks too similar to the previous hits with woca** offering, “I feel like it is similar to ‘Guardian’ while the only difference is the actors. The background and music are also quite similar.”

“If Kim Rae-won lived longer and he is the ‘black knight’ who keeps protecting Shin Se-kyung, it looks similar to Gong Yoo (of ‘Guardian’) who protects the goblin bride,” woicw*** wrote.

“Black Knight” tells the story of a successful young businessman who accepts a dangerous fate on behalf of his lover. In Korea, the word “Black Knight” often refers to a man who solves a difficult situation for a woman -- such as a man who drinks alcohol during a drinking game instead of a women.

By Kim So-yeon (

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