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[V Report Plus] Lee Jong-suk models for poetry book

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Updated : December 05 2017

(Naver V app)
Lee Jong-suk will model for poet Na Tae-ju’s book slated to be released on Dec. 20.

Lee on Monday revealed a teaser for the upcoming work through a short video on V.

Lee’s first encounter with Na’s work was through his role in the TV drama “School 2013.” He had recited Na’s poem “Grass Flower” as part of his lines.

Regarding his experience, Lee previously said, “When I was reciting ‘Grass Flower’ in the show, I was merely doing my best as an actor to grasp the feelings I imagined the character was going through.”

“After some time passed, I read Na’s poems again by chance, and this time I was deeply moved and comforted. The moment was like a gift. I wanted to share this gift with more people,” Lee said, sharing the reason why he had decided to collaborate with Na.

“Please don’t think of this as just an actor’s photo book,” Lee said. “I hope this book will inspire empathy and provide comfort to people who are in love, who want to be in love, who are hurt from love, and lonely.”

Preorders for the book kicked off at 2 p.m. Monday.

Its title, “Modooga Nae Tat,” translates to “Everything is your fault.”

This is an ironic way of professing love, as is told by a poem in the book that talks about the rising of the sun and moon, the blooming of flowers, the green grass, and the reason why the narrator is happy -- “you.”

The book comes with a DVD and a poster calendar.

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