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[V Report Plus] Behind the scenes of Suzy’s bobbed-hair photo shoot

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Published : Nov 14, 2017 - 17:41 / Updated : Nov 14, 2017 - 17:41

(Naver V app)
Singer-actress Suzy released behind-the-scenes footage of a photo shoot for the Korean edition of Dazed magazine on Naver’s V app Monday.

In the video, she sports a short bob, which she had gotten done for her role of Nam Hong-ju in the recent SBS drama “While You Were Sleeping.”

She posed against vivid backgrounds in colors such as yellow, red and black -- hues that also dominated her eye makeup.

“It was fun to take photos with a short hairstyle. I wish to show my candid self -- as I am,” she said.

“I put on light makeup and took the photos like a mischievous girl, messing up my hair.”

“While You Were Sleeping” centers on Nam, who is able to foresee tragic future events in her dreams and Prosecutor Jung Jae-chan, played by actor Lee Jong-suk, who does everything in his power to prevent such events from taking place.

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