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[V Report] What is Black Pink’s Jennie up to?

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Published : Nov 14, 2017 - 11:28 / Updated : Nov 14, 2017 - 16:44

Broadcast date: Nov. 13
Starring: Jennie of Black Pink, Jeon So-min of K.A.R.D, Eunchae of DIA

Jennie of Black Pink

(Naver V app)
Jennie of K-pop group Black Pink took to the V app Monday to talk with fans.

During the broadcast, Jennie answered fans’ questions.

When asked which song she likes most, she replied, “I have a song that I listen to nowadays.”

“What was it though? I guess I am too hungry to think,” she added.

Another fan asked what she has been up to recently. To which she replied, “I’m hooked on Netflix recently. I watch Netflix literally all day.”

She said she recently binge-watched Netflix’s original drama series “Stranger Things.”

The singer then went on to ask fans to suggest good shows on the video streaming platform.

As her fans’ recommendations seemed endless, she said, “I guess there will be no end. I will stop talking about Netflix and go have a meal. Good Night.”

Jeon So-min of K.A.R.D
(Naver V app)
Jeon So-min expressed hope at winning the rookie of the year award in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Monday.

The four-piece K-pop group K.A.R.D was nominated for the rookie of the year award at the 2017 Melon Music Awards to be held on Dec. 2.

“I just checked that we were nominated for the rookie of the year award at an award ceremony,” she said. “I don’t know whether we can win it but I feel grateful just by being nominated.”

The singer went on, “If you haven’t voted yet, please vote for K.A.R.D. I heard that you can vote three times a day. So I will appreciate if you give that three votes to K.A.R.D”

As the award can only be won in the year of the group’s debut, she hopes to win, she said.

When a fan said via a live comment, “I gave all three votes to K.A.R.D. I will do so tomorrow and every day,” Jeon thanked the fan.
The singer also promoted the group’s upcoming album “You & Me.”

“We’ve also prepared a lot for the new album. I am not sure about the showcase date yet but please look forward to it. We are preparing hard for the performance and we will release the teaser soon,” she said.

“You & Me” will be released on Nov. 21.

Eunchae of DIA
(Naver V app)
Eunchae of DIA congratulated fans who had been accepted into universities through early admission in a live broadcast via Naver’s V app Monday.

The singer, 18, is currently in her final year of high school.

She congratulated those who had been accepted by universities and cheered on others who will take the college scholastic ability test Thursday.

“I have heard a lot of news from those who were accepted through early admissions. Congratulations!” she said. “I also wish good luck to the others.”

Eunchae’s group DIA recently released the repackaged album for its third EP “Love Generation” on Oct. 12 with the lead track “Good Night.”

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