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[V Report Plus] Bada reveals her makeup process in Hawaii

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Updated : November 12 2017

(Naver V app)

Singer Bada took to the Naver V app in Hawaii to share how she gets her makeup done before going onstage.

“I’m receiving face makeup in my hotel room before my live performance here in Honolulu,” said Bada, who was clad in a robe with a tropical pattern.

She introduced her makeup artist, who has long been working as a backstage artist in New York, according to Bada.

“Normally, sharing the makeup process can be hard, as staff are always busy. But now that I’m in my hotel room, I have some time for this broadcast.”

Bada told viewers that she applies perfume before getting her makeup done, as the fragrance helps boost her mood. She also showed viewers packs of vitamins and facial mask packs she had brought from Korea.

“Next year, I’d like to hold more concerts with fans and release new songs,” she said.

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