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[V Report Plus] Park Shin-hye on playing attorney in ‘Heart Blackened’

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Updated : November 10 2017

(Naver V app)
Park Shin-hye will talk about her role in the new film “Heart Blackened” in a live broadcast on Naver’s V app at 7 p.m. Friday.
The live broadcast series titled “Actor & Chatter” is a platform for actors and actresses to present their new roles in films, while also sharing their frank thoughts and behind-the-scenes stories surrounding the films.

Park appeared in a short preview clip ahead of the broadcast, reminding viewers about her upcoming appearance in “Actor & Chatter.”

“Hello, I am Park Shin-hye, playing the role of a righteous lawyer Choi Hee-jung in the film ‘Heart Blackened,’” she said.
Park wrapped up the short preview by telling viewers to make time to watch the broadcast.

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