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[V Report Plus] Follow us backstage: HyunA’s ‘Babe’

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Updated : September 14 2017

(Naver V app)

HyunA took viewers backstage of a showcase for her sixth mini album “Babe,” in a broadcast aired on Naver’s V app Thursday.

During the broadcast, HyunA showed her fun-loving character as she moved in unison with her dance crew. She was dolled up in a white ruffled mini dress and matching white boots.

After hours of practicing on set, HyunA said, “I actually practiced my dance moves for ‘Babe’ at home in my living room with my boots on.”

Wanna One’s Lai Guan Lin visited HyunA during the prerecording for the showcase.

HyunA had been one of the coaches on the competition program “Produce 101,” through which members of the rookie group Wanna One were selected.

HyunA asked Lai, “Have you listened to my song?”

He responded, “I listened to your song from start to finish. I also listened to the song that you worked on with WooSuk and Ethan.”
HyunA’s “Babe” album was released in late August.

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