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[V Report Plus] Why did GFriend release ‘Summer Rain’ in fall?

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Updated : September 14 2017

(Naver V app)
K-pop girl group GFriend took to the V app Wednesday to promote its repackaged album “Rainbow” released on the day.

During the broadcast, the group revealed why it released “Summer Rain,” which seems to be a summerly track, in the fall.

“There are many people who ask us why (the title of the song) is ‘Summer Rain’ when it’s almost fall,” Yuju said. “’Summer Rain’ doesn’t really talk about the story of summer but rather it is a song which recalls the memories from the summer so it doesn’t matter whether you listen to it in fall, winter or spring.”

“It is a song which talks about love which is capricious but beautiful, like summer rain,” Eunha said.

“When we were promoting ‘Love Whisper,’ it was very hot because it was during the middle of the summer but the weather has become cool. The season fits well with ‘Summer Rain,’” Sowon said.

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