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Who’s your favorite ‘Instant Boyfriend’ Wanna One?

  • Published : Aug 20, 2017 - 15:07
  • Updated : Aug 20, 2017 - 15:07

K-pop project boy band Wanna One appeared as a guest at Korean nighttime comedy show “Saturday Night Live Korea” for two consecutive episodes. The 11 members of the group featured in “Instant Boyfriend,” one of SNL’s popular regular segments.

In “Instant Boyfriend,” the guest acts are given roles in a situation -- mostly abnormal boyfriends who frustrate comedians Jung Yi-rang and Jang Do-yeon, who play unremarkable women who yearn for a boyfriend.

Which is your favorite?

1. Park Ji-hoon, the ‘wanted’ boyfriend

“Save in my heart!”

2. Bae Jin-yeong, the cartoon boyfriend

3. Ha Sung-woon, the heart-attack boyfriend

4. Lee Dae-hwi, the cute boyfriend

“Energy charge complete with Dae-hwi’s wink!”

5. Ong Seong-wu, the funny boyfriend

6. Kang Daniel, the ‘open-up’ boyfriend

“Would you open your mind for me?”

7. Hwang Min-hyun, the pure boyfriend

“Oh! We just held our hands! We’ll have a baby!”

8. Kim Jae-hwan, the ear-candy boyfriend

“You said you liked my high-pitched voice!”

9. Lai Kuan-lin, the pretty boyfriend

10. Park Woo-jin, the energetic boyfriend

“He stopped dancing only after our energy was exhausted.”

11. Yoon Ji-seong, the caring boyfriend

By Kim So-yeon (syk19372@heraldcorp.com)