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[V Report] Winner in Hawaii

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Updated : August 11 2017

Broadcast date: Aug. 10
Starring: JJ Project, Winner, N.Flying

JJ Project

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“(The) Pixar exhibition ended,” Jinyoung of GOT7 said as he opened a V video Thursday.

Along with Jinyoung, he was busily signing autographs on posters, fans and albums of JJ Project, their project duo unit.

While JB had not been to the Pixar exhibit in Seoul, Jinyoung had gone.

“In the beginning there was a rundown on how an animation is made. Then, there was an area where a Pixar short film was screened,” he said.

After they were done signing JJ Project items, Jinyoung and JB moved to a dance studio to practice.

Fans were waiting outside their agency’s building to catch a glimpse of the stars.

At the dance studio, they met professional dancers who helped them come up with choreography.

“This is the dancer who made our now world-famous ‘mirrored dance,’” said Jinyoung as he tried to get hold of a man who turned away and hid from the camera.

In the “mirrored dance,” Jinyoung and JB dance in symmetry as if they are reflections of each other.

The two stars practiced the dance while singing.


(Naver V app)
Winner shared details of its song “Love Me Love Me” and the making of the music video for “Island” in Hawaii via the V app Thursday.

“We didn’t have summer in mind when we planned this song. We simply thought the song’s concept was cool. It’s a relief that the song fits summer so well,” said Seungyoon.

“The title says it all. ‘Love me,’” said Jinwoo, smiling.

Winner members sang the lyrics and played around, crossing their thumb and index fingers to form heart shapes.

“We’re on a beautiful mountain, dressed in expensive-looking bathing gowns, drinking coffee al fresco and playing golf ... things we don’t usually do. Please look forward to the outcome,” Minho said.

As for “Island,” Jinwoo, Seunghoon and Seungyoon described the song as a “healing” song for those who wish to go on a trip but do not know where to go.

“We say funny things in the ‘Island’ music video. Our great memories together are candidly incorporated in the music video,” said Minho.

“We’re not acting according to the director’s directions. I believe you’ll feel it from the music video that we are genuinely happy -- having fun,” said Seunghoon.

Winner released “Our Twenty For” containing the two songs on Aug. 4.


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Five-member group N.Flying invited “Produce 101” star Jang Moon-bok to the group’s “M! Countdown” performance Thursday.

“It’s nice to have Mun-bok helping us,” said Hoe-seung, who had become friends with Moon-bok on the audition program “Produce 101.”

“Moon-bok has the best personality. Also, he has amazing hair,” Hoe-seung said.

Moon-bok, with his silky long hair, appears as a mermaid in N.Flying’s music video for the song “The Real.”

Moon-bok will also share the stage with N.Flying on “Show! Music Core” on Friday and “Inkigayo” on Saturday. He will rap during N.Flying’s performance.

N.Flying released its second mini album “The REAL: N.Flying,” on Aug. 2.

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