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Girl group CLC goes retro R&B with new EP 'Free'sm'

  • Published : Aug 4, 2017 - 10:38
  • Updated : Aug 4, 2017 - 10:38

Female Idol band CLC said Thursday its new album "Free'sm" has been inspired by '90s legendary girl groups FIN.K.L and S.E.S.

CLC -- an acronym for "crystal clear" -- showcased its first EP album in seven months at Yes24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul.

The new record includes "Where Are You," a mid-tempo synthesizer R&B ballad that is a throwback to first-generation K-pop acts.

"It's an R&B soul track reminiscent of S.E.S and FIN.K.L. I look forward to promoting the song," member Seunghee told reporters.

The album also features R&B track "Bae," tropical-themed song "Call My Name" and '90s new jack swing number "Summer Kiss."

The title "Free'sm," a wordplay on the words "prism" and "free," was created by Eunbin, the youngest member and a former contestant on "Produce 101," an idol audition program.

"During interviews, I always likened the band to a prism," she said. She also wanted to add the notion of artistic freedom to the name.

With BEAST and 4Minute gone, CLC is now one of Cube Entertainment's main idol bands today.

Though it is still hard to argue that its name recognition is on par with peer star groups TWICE or GFriend, CLC boasts of a good team spirit and morale.

"We tried to prepare our comeback with perfection, as many singers releasing songs in August. It's an honor to have a chance to stand together with fellow stars," said leader Seungyeon.

Eunbin was more upfront with her desire, "This is something that we have always wished for. We want to rise to the level of bands that become candidates for No. 1 spots on TV music shows."

Members explained that there was quite an input from the company's creative department. Rapper Yeeun wrote all of the album's rap lyrics, while Thai member Sorn had quite a lot of say on the wardrobe style and editing process of the music video.

"We got together and discussed which clothes to wear and what makeup to put on, and delivered our thoughts to the company," Sorn explained. (Yonhap)