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[V Report] Kim Se-jeong voices anticipations for ‘School 2017’

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Updated : July 17 2017

Broadcast date: July 16
Starring: Kim Se-jeong, Black Pink’s Jennie, GFriend

Kim Se-jeong

(Naver V app)

Kim Se-jeong of Gugudan voiced her anticipation about her role in the upcoming KBS drama “School 2017,” in a live broadcast via Naver’s V app Sunday. The broadcast showed some behind-the-scenes footage of the press conference announcing the launch of the TV series.

Se-jeong said, “I will appear as Ra Eun-ho, a girl who has bad grades but dreams of getting into a prestigious university as a webtoon artist.”

When the host gave her certain situations to describe, Se-jeong expressed those through her colorful facial expressions. When the host said, “Let’s say you came across a source of inspiration (for your webtoon),” Se-jeong responded by opening her eyes wide and showing surprise on her face.

When the host asked if she experienced any difficulties while acting, Se-jeong said, “Eun-ho’s personality is very similar to mine, and you know, I also went to school and everything, so it helped me play this role more easily.”

Se-jeong wrapped up the broadcast by asking the fans to look forward to “School 2017.”

Black Pink’s Jennie

(Naver V app)

Jennie of K-pop group Black Pink shared intimate moments with her fans, via Naver’s V app. Jennie was doing her nails while interacting with her fans.

Jennie said, “I am going to answer as many questions from you as possible, since I am trapped here doing my nails.”

When a fan asked “What kind of nail polish are you putting on?” Jennie jokingly said, “I won’t show you until I am done” thereby asking her fans to sit through the broadcast until the end.

Jennie used both English and Korean to interact with her fans in and out of Korea. In addition she said, “I am going to learn dialects of different regions in Korea” and went onto speak a few words in different dialects.

Jennie wrapped up the broadcast when she was done with her nails, and expressed love to her fans.


(Naver V app)

K-pop group GFriend shared some behind-the-scenes footage of their fan meeting in Hong Kong, via Naver V app on Sunday. Yuju said, “Our fans in Hong Kong prepared so many treats for us. There’s dim sum, fruits and egg tarts even.”

Yuju also showed off a claw machine in their waiting room. Yerin picked up a doll in the claw machine, saying, “I actually love claw machines, and I am really good at picking up the dolls.”

The members moved on to pick a Disney princess to match each member.

Umji was Jasmine, Eunha was Snow White and Sowon was Ariel. However, the girls couldn’t decide which princess would match Yuju, and they were divided between Princess Fiona and the sleeping beauty.

GFriend ended the broadcast by saying thanks to their fans in Hong Kong.

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