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[V Report] Sandeul makes bouquet with sister

  • Published : May 5, 2017 - 11:15
  • Updated : May 5, 2017 - 11:15

Broadcast date: May 4
Starring: Lovelyz, Sandeul of B1A4, Cho Yeo-jung



Sandeul of K-pop boy band B1A4 popped up on Thursday’s V app with his sister to make a bouquet of flowers and encourage viewers to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

For the flower arrangement, he invited his sister, who taught him how to do it step by step.

“I asked her to bring fake flowers because I wanted to give it to (fan club) Bany,” the 25-year-old pop idol said.

The two appeared on the show wearing T-shirts bearing the phrase “Beautiful Voting” in Korean.

“I am the honorary ambassador for this year’s election to encourage people to vote, and so I wore this shirt today,” Sandeul said.

This year’s presidential election is being held Tuesday. Two days of advance voting kicked off Thursday.

The hourlong show ended as the two finished making the bouquet. They picked a fan who had best decorated the show’s screenshot to send it to her.



K-pop girl group Lovelyz had stir-fried cartilage on a Naver V app live broadcast on Thursday entitled “Let’s Eat.”

The six members of the band started with some spicy cartilage and tteokbokki, or spicy Korean rice cake. They devoured the food, momentarily forgetting about the camera.

After three minutes of silent eating, the group answered questions on their favorite and least favorite dishes.

“I cannot have raw fish,” said Jin. The others excitedly listed off names of Korean dishes, including steamed pig’s feet and fried chicken.

After they finished, the group revealed behind-the-scenes stories of their new song released Tuesday, “Now, Us.”

“I have never done a back-hug before, so it was very awkward for me to do it with the male cast in the music video,” Kei said shyly.

Jisoo also explained how it was difficult to dance with a man she had met for the first time, putting her hands on his shoulders.

“I had a scene where I stood to be hit by the strong wind created by a big fan. At the time, I could not really open my eyes, but it turned out nicely in the video,” said Miju.

Cho Yeo-jung


Korean actress Cho Yeo-jung explained her role in her last TV drama, “Ms. Perfect.”

Cho played the role of mysterious landlord Lee Eun-hee, who gets involved in an unexpected incident with Shim Jae-bok, played by actress Ko So-young.

“Everything was acting, guys,” she explained, as her character Lee was called the most obsessive woman after the drama series ended with its final episode broadcast Tuesday.

When a fan asked if her relationship had turned sour with Ko because her Eun-hee role was so evil, she rejected the notion.

“Never. We always ran out of time to finish our chats,” she said.

The veteran actress also said that her character Eun-hee is a sad person.

“Nobody liked her. She has never been loved,” she said. “I liked the ending of the drama in which my house is burned down. With Eun-hee gone, Jae-bok can live happily ever after.”

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By Jo He-rim (herim@heraldcorp.com)

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