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[V Report] B1A4’s CNU tests vocal range

  • Published : May 3, 2017 - 11:25
  • Updated : May 3, 2017 - 11:27

Broadcast date: May 2

Starring: B1A4, Up10tion, Jinjo Crew, Oh My Girl, Boys Republic, BTS,


CNU and San-deul of K-pop band B1A4 were part of the Naver V app’s Tuesday lineup for an episode of the group’s “Say Anything Festival, Part 2.”

Throughout the episode the duo casually shot the breeze with fans while singing.

The pair aired the broadcast from inside the group’s recording studio and truly upheld the episode’s title by going completely unscripted while they played around with a keyboard, serenading viewers.

CNU decided to get a little playful during the impromptu jam session, testing how high his vocal range could go -- and clearly confirming that he is not a soprano.

The K-pop star attempted to belt out high-octave notes like a rock ballad star, leading fellow group member San-deul to burst into laughter.

“Oh man these notes are so high,” he said, followed by an apology for his high-pitched screeching.


Also joining the V app’s Tuesday lineup were members of the popular Jinjo Crew Korean b-boy dance team.

Filming from inside a fried chicken restaurant, members of the crew discussed how that night just wasn’t their night.

“Nothing today seems to be going right for us,” said one of the members. “We ordered the chicken a while ago and we still have not been served. We haven’t even been served snacks. I tried to film today’s broadcast with my phone but then my phone suddenly died.”

Killing time while waiting for the chicken to be served, the crew decided to answer some questions from viewers.

One viewer asked the crew if they were fans of BTS. Some of the members admitted they knew of the group but were not sure of the names of BTS’ hit songs.

“If I hear the songs, I know it’s them,” one member chimed in. “It’s unavoidable, every time you walk down the streets, you will hear one of their songs playing.”


Also part of Tuesday’s lineup were the unavoidable members of BTS in the group’s “Run BTS!” show. In the 19th episode, the K-pop stars decided to show off their bowling skills at a local bowling alley.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-joong decided to take viewers along with him on a nighttime drive. He talked about how he had been going on a lot of dates lately, revealing later that he was referring to business dates with his manager.


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By Julie Jackson (juliejackson@heraldcorp.com)

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