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Lee Hyori to return to TV reality show with Lee Sang-soon

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Updated : April 20 2017

K-pop diva Lee Hyori will be back on the small screen with new JTBC variety show “Hyori’s Guest House,” JTBC said on Wednesday.

The new show revolves around the story of Lee and her husband Lee Sang-soon hosting a guest house on Jeju Island. It is not yet confirmed whether they will offer their actual home as a guest house.

The new show will see her break her three-year absence as a TV host. Since her marriage in 2013, Lee and her husband have been living on Jeju Island.

The singer gained huge popularity hosting various variety shows such as “Happy Together,” “Sang Sang Plus” and “Good Sunday.” She won the Grand Award at the 2009 SBS Award Festival Entertainment Awards alongside Yoo Jae-suk for hosting “Family Outing.”

Produced by “Witch Hunt,” “Talking Street” producer Jung Hyo-min, “Hyori’s Guest House” will start filming in May and air in June.

By Kim So-yeon (

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