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IU teases fans with new ‘Palette’ clip

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Updated : April 20 2017

A day before the release of her anticipated album “Palette,” IU on Thursday revealed a new video clip teaser for the single of the same name from the album.

A screenshot from the teaser image for IU’s upcoming single “Palette” (Fave Entertainment)
The 24-second video of “Palette” was posted via social media and the YouTube channel of IU’s agency Fave Entertainment.

The video features the singer posing with various clothing and hairstyles to words like “I’m 25,” showing off her charms as one of hottest young singers in Korea. While the singer is yet to celebrate her 24th birthday, she is considered 25 by the traditional Korean age system.

IU herself was one of the producers for the 10-track album, which garnered attention well before its release with a star-studded list of local musicians who participated in the making of the track. This includes vocalist Oh Hyuk of rock band hyukoh and G-Dragon of Big Bang, who is featured as a rapper for the single “Palette.”

IU debuted in 2008 with “Lost Child” and has since become one of the highest-earning and prominent K-pop acts in the country.

By Yoon Min-sik (

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