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Namgoong Min to play vengeful reporter

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Updated : April 20 2017

On the heels of his successful portrayal of the comical office manager Kim Sung-ryong in the recently ended TV series “Good Manager,” actor Namgoong Min will be returning in the upcoming series “Fabrication” (unofficial translation).

(935 Entertainment)
The show, written by Kim Hyun-jung and directed by Lee Jung-heum, revolves around reporters who strive to uncover the injustices of society.

Namgoong will be taking up the role of Han Moo-young, a reckless reporter who, after watching a colleague die while on a corruption probe, vows revenge against the powers that killed him.

“(The actor) put a lot of thought into what he should do next, as ‘Good Manager’ received so much love from viewers,” said Namgoong’s agency Thursday. “The upcoming drama will show a more serious and charismatic side of Namgoong, unlike the previous show.”

The show is set to air on SBS in around July, after the end of “My Sassy Girl.”

By Rumy Doo (

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