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Park Shin-hye puts on three different lip colors

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Updated : April 07 2017

Cosmetic brand Mamonde recently revealed a promotional video starring Park Shin-hye, who has been modeling for the brand since April 2014.

Park appeared in the video in three different lip colors: Blooming Rose, Velvet Red and Red Glaze. To match each of the lip colors, she sported three different outfits.

For Blooming Rose, she wore a flower-printed long dress while for the Velvet Red color, she wore a long black dress and lay on a red sofa. She wore a pink leather jacket, pattern-printed navy blouse and silver-colored skirt for Red Glaze lip color.

In the video, Park danced and lip-synced to the 2015 song “Tiramisu Cake” by K-pop band We Are The Night.

She recently finished shooting for a new movie, “Silence,” which is set to be released in the second half of the year.

Check out the commercial video from below:

By Kim So-yeon (

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