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Is it fair to compare these two side by side?

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Updated : March 19 2017

With the second season of “Produce 101” set to launch soon, an upcoming newcomer, Jang Moon-bok, is being compared to the first season’s Jung Chae-yeon.

The reason behind this comparison goes beyond their similar hair lengths.

Both Jung and Jang were featured last in performance clips for seasons one and two.

Jung was the final person to be seen in a clip of “Pick Me,” the iconic title song of the first season of “Produce 101.”

In a recent teaser clip of a male version of “Pick Me,” also known as “Nayana,” Jang was the last person to be featured before the camera zooms out from the stage. He whipped his hair around and bit his lips, staring into the camera as he appears distant on-screen.

Jung from the first season was one of the final 11 winners of the program and became a member of the project band I.O.I.

Local tabloids are zeroing in on whether Jang will also have similar luck and talent. He competed in another audition show, “Superstar K2,” through which he earned the moniker “Hiptongryung,” which is a combination of the word “hip-hop” and the Korean word for president.

“Produce 101” will air its second season starting April 7.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (

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