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[V Report] Twice roommates talk eating intestines, entrails

  • Published : Feb 13, 2017 - 11:25
  • Updated : Feb 13, 2017 - 11:29

Broadcast date: Feb. 12
Starring: B.I.G, Infinite, W Project, VAV, BTS, Twice, B1A4


Kicking off the week on Naver’s V app Sunday lineup were Jeongyeon and Momo of Twice during the debut episode of Twice’s latest online show, “Roommates TV.”

“When our group members think of Jeongyeon and Momo, the thing they think first about us is eating,” said Jeongyeon.

“Of all the team members, we eat the most,” Momo added.

Because of this reputation, the duo decided they would go pig out on food for the day -- a meal of tripe, entrails and intestines.

“You’ve never had daechang (intestines) in Korea, have you,” Jeongyeon asked Momo, to which she quickly responded, “What’s daechang?”

The two starlets went on to discuss their anticipation of going out and stuffing themselves with entrails and intestines. Jeongyeon even admitted she purposely did not eat anything the entire day in order to save room.


Rapper Hoya of Infinite also joined Sunday’s lineup in his latest solo broadcast. Although Hoya was not joined by any of his Infinite bandmates, he was, however, not alone.

The rap star decided to broadcast his episode joined by a plethora of dolls of Ryan, the Kakao lion.

“Hey everyone, this is my living room. It’s the first time you all have been able to see my living room, isn’t it?” said Hoya. “This is my home.”

He went on to reveal that the giant Ryan doll he was holding onto during the show was actually given to him by a fan.

“I have kind of an embarrassing confession to make. When I first received this doll, it was around the time I first started to live on my own and I always felt uneasy,” says Hoya. “No kidding, I slept every night cuddling this doll for about four months.”

V app viewers also noticed that Hoya still has not yet taken down his Christmas tree, to which the idol star said, “It gives me a sense of healing. Sometimes it can get very lonely living all alone, so I kept the tree up because when I turn on the lights, it gives me a sense of comfort.”


Also on Sunday’s V app lineup, rookie group B.I.G took to the streets of Hongdae for a dancing session.

B1A4 also briefly greeted fans backstage following the group’s B1A4 Live Space 2017 Seoul concert that attracted roughly 8,000 local fans.


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By Julie Jackson (juliejackson@heraldcorp.com)

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